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Session 5 (February 12+13, 2016)

Our graduation session took place at the National Conference on Education in Phoenix, AZ. It was a perfect culmination to our academy to coincide with the conference as there were many leaders in education already participating with the weekend festivities. Our cohort was able to mix and mingle with many Superintendents through conference sessions and events. Jonathan Travers, Partner at Education Resource Strategies joined us for a good portion of the morning to speak on Resource Allocation and the Superintendency. The cohort went through hypothetical situations on managing their entire district budget which was not an easy task. We were also lucky enough to be joined by 6 sitting Superintendents over the course of our 2-day session for a couple panel discussions.


Facilitated by Dr. Vince Matthews, our panel discussion was around Resource Allocation & Time Management. The leaders in education that joined us:


T Quinn


Additionally, Dr. Timothy Quinn joined us as our keynote speaker for our graduation session. Dr. Quinn is nationally recognized as a pioneer in superintendent preparation, coaching and support. He has been a teacher, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent at age 32. Dr. Quinn brings a lifetime of real life experiences with him that he was able to share with this group of aspiring superintendents.

Our 2015-16 Chicago cohort has come a long way since September, and we are confident that their next step will be to take on a superintendent position. A big, big congratulations to every single graduate and best of luck on your future endeavors!IMG_9080

 Session 4 (January 22+23, 2016)

Our January session was kicked off with a different look into the world of assessment from President & CEO of Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), Matt Chapman. Matt brought a unique approach to the cohort that triggered an engaging experience for the group. David Sundstrom, Chairman of Atlantic Research Partners joined us as well to touch base on Superintendent Contract Negotiations which is an intricate and vital process for getting the job. A practicing lawyer himself, David was able to help coach the cohort in what to do and not to do when the time comes to finalize your contract. Our final guest speaker for the weekend was Founder & CEO of CAM Achievement, Tom McDowell. Tom joined us to speak with the group on Special Education topics surrounding compliance, inclusion, and achievement.

Dr. Peter Gorman & Dr. Vince Matthews were on board as the Master Teachers. The session included whole group discussions, smaller group discussions, and some self-reflection time as well. We covered several modules including:

Session 3 (November 13+14, 2015)

The November session for the Chicago cohort met this past weekend and was jam packed with guest speakers and panelists. Chris Horan of Horan Communications shared his Best Practices in Communications and showed the cohort the strategies behind effectively communicating with your peers, colleagues, families, and community. Dr. Joseph Scherer from Superintendents’ National Dialogue joined us for an extremely motivating presentation on Strong Minds Creating a Vision. Dr. Bernadeia Johnson, former Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools shared a moving session regarding African American Female Superintendents: Resilient School Leaders. Our panel for the weekend consisted of Dr. Joel Boyd, Superintendent of Santa Fe Public Schools, Dr. Jonathan Raymond, former Superintendent of Sacramento City USD, and Dr. Bernadeia Johnson. They were able to share personal and professional experiences on What Works for Improving Student Achievement.   Below shows a photo of our panelists from this weekend.



Additionally, our panelists and guest speakers were able to sit in on our Mock Interview piece, representing hypothetical Board Chairs. We split the cohort into groups that represented School Board members and had each of them go through an interview process similar to what they would go through during a real district interview. The interviewees were able to get real-time feedback on their interviewing skills and resume writing.

See everyone in January!

Session 2 (October 23+24, 2015)

Our Chicago cohort met this weekend with participants coming from across the country including local cohort members from Illinois and others from California, Texas, Florida, and New York. The Chicago 2015-16 cohort includes members from 22 states.

Dr. Peter Gorman & Dr. Steve Murley were on board as the Master Teachers, and had faculty/guest speakers that included Dr. Jim Hager, Dr. Jeff Young – Superintendent in Cambridge, MA, and Dr. Joseph Wise. The session included whole group discussions, smaller group discussions, and some self-reflection time as well. We covered several modules including:

Leadership Story

An important part of becoming a Superintendent is being able to share you leadership story with your Board, colleagues, peers, and fellow cohort members. The Academy helps to prepare you in sculpting that story to make it your own as part of self-branding. Several of our participants shared theirs with the group this weekend, see below.











Panel of Superintendents

Our panelists for this weekend’s session included Dr. Jim Hager and Dr. Jeffrey Young. The panel theme for our 2nd session was ‘Effective Strategies to Manage Politics for Success in the Superintendency.